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Weltgeschichte Des Schachs Lieferung 27 - Boris Spassky

Weltgeschichte Des Schachs Lieferung 27 - Boris Spassky


Автор: Eduard Wildhagen
Дата: 2014
Издательство: Книга по Требованию
Страниц: 230 стр.
ISBN: 978-4-871875-62-2

This is the book Bobby Fischer studied in preparing to play his epic match for the World Chess Championship against Boris Spassky. In order to complete the record of these games, the scores of the Fischer-Spassky Match are included in an appendix in the back of this book. The New York Times reported: "FERNDALE, N.Y. March 31 - Nearly always, when he is seen, he is carrying or reading what is jokingly called "the big red book" to distinguish it from "Quotations From Chairman Mao", which is the little red book. Bound in red velvet, the big book contains the chess games of Boris Spassky, the Russian, who is the world chess champion, and for Bobby Fischer it is every bit as important as the sparring partners boxing champions drag up to this 1,000-acre resort when they are in training." . . . "Training for the 6-foot 2-inch, 29-year old challenger consists of studying the Spassky Red Book, which he takes with him to the Grossinger dining room. He normally eats alone at a table while...
Теги: 2014

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