Урок 10. Ставим шах

10.1 Теория

You have to react to a check because the king must not be taken. There are three possible ways to get out of check:

  • move the king away
  • take the piece which is giving check
  • move one of your own pieces to block the check (not possible when the check is by a knight)

If you cannot get out of check the king is (check)mated and the game is lost.

10.2 Упражнения

Перемещайтесь прямо по доске, чтобы ввести решение. Либо щелкните сначала на начальное поле, а затем на целевое. Или нажмите на фигуру, удерживайте ее, переместите на целевое поле и отпустите. Кнопка "Стрелка влево" возвращает ход назад.

Начать сначала
If one side keeps on giving check and the other side's king cannot escape the checks, we call that perpetual check. Perpetual check is a good defebsive option if you are in a bad position and want to force a draw. If a position is repeated three times the game is drawn.
You react to a check by moving the king away, by interposing a piece or by capturing. If none of these work, the king is checkmated and the game is finished. Unnecessary checks in the opening achieve nothing.

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