Урок 9. Взятие фигур

9.1 Теория

If a piece moves on to a square occupied by an opposing piece then the latter is taken. It is out of the game and the piece which has just moved takes its place.

When a move positions a piece so that on its next move it can capture an opposing piece, that is called an attack. One particular attack is the attack on the king. It is called a check.

If when checked the king cannot escape then it has been (check)mated. For that reason the king is the only piece which cannot be captured.

If a piece takes another one of the same type and the opponent retakes, we call that an exchange. The material balance remains unaltered, thus the idea of an exchange. The more pieces are exchanged, the nearer we get to the endgame. Here the queens are exchanged.

9.2 Упражнения

Перемещайтесь прямо по доске, чтобы ввести решение. Либо щелкните сначала на начальное поле, а затем на целевое. Или нажмите на фигуру, удерживайте ее, переместите на целевое поле и отпустите. Кнопка "Стрелка влево" возвращает ход назад.

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If a piece gets to a square on which an opposing piece is standing, then the latter is taken / captured. It leaves the board and the piece which took it occupies its square.

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