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The Middle Game in Chess Reuben Fine

The Middle Game in Chess Reuben Fine


Автор: Reuben Fine
Дата: 2014
Издательство: Книга по Требованию
Страниц: 450 стр.
ISBN: 978-4-871875-77-6

The Middle Game in Chess by Reuben Fine completes the trilogy between Practical Chess Openings and Basic Chess Endings, both by Fine, so that the three major aspects of chess are discussed. The Middle Game, it has been said, is the heart of chess. Here is the field of battle on which victory or defeat is decided. In this book the world's leading authority turns his talents to the Middle Game. A system for improving practical skill is carefully elaborated; tedious variations are avoided. The emphasis throughout is on developing in the player the ability to analyze a position and to proceed accordingly. There are sections on mating attacks, combination play; how to handle superior positions, even positions and inferior positions; continuation of the openings and transition to the end game. The author has become famous for the accuracy and clarity with which he can convey the profound knowledge of the grand master to the average person. This work is a companion piece to his famous books...
Теги: 2014

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